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Henan cciola company attended the zhengkai international marathon


 On 29th March 2015, all employees of Henan Cciola I./E. Trading CO.,Ltd Attended the China Zhengkai International Marathon.
China Zhengkai International Marathon is approved by the State Sports General Administration, co-sponsored by the Chinese Athletic Association, Henan Sports Bureau, Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government and Kaifeng Municipal People's Government. This event is one of China's most popular marathons. The event has been hold at the end of March early April each spring. The first race held with 5,600 runners in 2007. There were 39,000 participators from 29 countries in the seventh event in 2013.
2015 China Zhengkai International Marathon was in Zhengzhou and Kaifeng on March 29th. This year's event included full/half marathon and 5k run. The full/half marathon run were held in Zhengkai Road, and 5-km marathon was held in the inner ring, CBD area.

China Zhengkai International Marathon has following characteristics:
• One of the most attractive oriental culture Marathon: The course is located in the Central Plains, backed by the Yellow River, where is the cradle of Chinese civilization, is the birthplace of Eastern civilization.
• Most flat open marathon course: Zhengkai fast-track, 100 meters wide, two-way ten lane, flat, straight, is the best marathon course and is good for the runner to run personal best.
• The most popular marathon: Based in Henan Zhengkai, located in the Henan province of central China with millions of population, the Marathon attract broad mass participation.
• The most unique of Marathon: This is the only marathon with the course connecting two ancient cities.