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Henan cciola team go to Xi'an to have a trip


 Garment business, it’s kind of busy job.

Just like all of our customers, we all are working very hard.

Considering this, Henan Cciola company pays a lot attention on the stuffs.

Every year, we will go outside to enjoy ourself, e.g: going to the seaside, climbing the mountain, seeing great scenery.

Henan Cciola company has the aim to be the best global jacket supplier in henan province.


This year, on the August, Henan Cciola company had been on a trip with our whole team. This trip was not only for enjoying, but also for improving cciola teams union.


On 08/21/2015 08/22/2015, All employees of Henan Cciola I./E. Trading CO., Ltd went to the Xian city, which is very famous for the old history.

Xi’an city, together with Athens, Roman, Cairo, they are the four-oldest-capital cities in the world.

Xi’an city is with more than 1100 years’ history, and there were 13 dynasties in this place.

Xi’an is very important in the history, not only for Chinese culture, but also for the whole world.

Xi’an city is the birthplace of Chinese civilization, also the human civilization and cultural center of prehistoric civilization.


This time, Henan Cciola company went to several places to see the great scenery.

For example: Huashan Mountain, Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and so on.  We were shocked by these great things. I think all of you also will love them.