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Henan Cciola company will have a 3 days holiday for the Dragon Boat Festival


Thought we are busy for the customers, also for our orders.
Henan Cciola company follows the rules for the following three days holiday.

From 20th-22th June, there is a-three-day-holiday.
We call that “Dragon Boat Festival”, also “Duanwu Festival” in Chinese.

Actually this festival is to remember the death of Quyuan.
Quyuan was an honest minister and also an poet in the old time, but finally he had committed suicide by drowning himself in a river on the fifth day of the fifth month in Chinese Calendar.
At that time, the people throw the "Zongzi" into the river, also used the dragon boat to threaten the fish and try to protect the body of Quyuan......

Till now, things became different, but we still have this kind of "zongzi" and "dragon boat" custom......

Now more and more people want to have a try about the zongzi to remember our great people.
Also people would like to play the dragon boat game, which now is just for positive energy and our health especially in the south part with many lake and water there.

Henan Cciola I./E. Trading CO., Ltd also offered Zongzi to every employee.
Hope every cciola people can have a nice day during these holiday.