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Teacher’s Day In China


 In our whole life, we all have a lot of teachers, not only on the schools, but also in the company, even other working area.
In Henan Cciola I./E. Trading CO., Ltd, every new colleague will have a teacher who is experienced in the cciola team.
Henan Cciola I./E. Trading Co.,Ltd has the aim to be the best apparel supplier in henan province.
Generally speaking, Mrs Hou(Jennifer), the boss of Henan Cciola company, is the teacher of our whole team.
All of us learned a lot things, which were not only about the garment business, but also about the rules of how to being a nice people.
Here I will introduce the Teachers’ Day in China. Every year on 10th Sep, it is the Teachers’ Day.
It was celebrated since 1985 to express the respects for the teachers and contributions of teachers.
This teacher’s Day is very famous at the schools, but now it is very popular at every area.
All of us, we respect the people who can teach us something.
And we want to show our honor for them and would like to prepare some small gifts for them on this big day.
Happy teachers’ day!
Our teachers in school and our experienced colleague in Cciola team.
We all believe that we will be better and better under the leadership of our teachers.
Come on!
Cciola team!!