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Softshell fabric


 With the times going on, now more and more people would like to buy the softshell jackets to go outside.

Every year, Henan Cciola makes lots of different styles for softshell jackets. Softshell jackets become the main products for the Henan Cciola Company.

For softshell fabric, it’s a new trend on the bonded fabric.

Knitting wool/acrylic to be used as the outside, and the microfleece as the inside,
For the Acrylic for the outside, there is 100D, 75D ect, to catch up different requirements.
For the Knitting outside, normally it will have much better softshell.
For the fleece, we can use the 144F, 96F with brushed.
Between the outside and fleece inside, normally we will use the TUP membrane to have the better breathability.
After bounded, the fabric can have the highest, w/r and breathability , which is around 10000mm/10000mm.
Based on customer's requirement, there is low, medium and high w/r and breathability.

With so many different choices, we have offer different kinds of styles about the softshell jackets.

Do you want the softshell jackets, you can find Henan Cciola Company.