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On the Mar 2012, we and our best friend Valentin go to the Songshan Shaolin Temple


From this week, We will introduce some famous Tourist Attractions of Henan Province.

Shaolin Temple:
The hometown of Chinese Kongfu, which located in the dengfeng Henan Province.
Dengfeng is the birthplace of Buddhism’s Chan Zen in China as well as the martial arts.

Shaolin Temple was founded in the 20th year (496) of the Taihe reign of the Northern Wei Dynasty.
Shaolin Temple is situated in the heart of Songshan Mountain.
There are five Famous Mountains in China, and this songshan Mountain is the Middle one, also within dense woods at the foot of this Mountain.

On the Mar 2012, We invited our customer also our best friend Valentin to go to the Songshan Shaolin Temple. We all had a nice day there!
Different people, differnt culture, different mood, and it worth to make a try.

Hope this news let you learn more about Shaolin Temple.
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