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Sampling room of Henan Cciola I./E. Trading CO.,Ltd


 Thought we are a trading company, Henan Cciola company has our own sampling room.
Based on our sampling room, Henan Cciola company can satisfy our customer on the samples speed and good quality samples.

Henan Cciola I./E. Trading Co., Ltd. is a OEM apparel supplier In Henan Province China.
With the great advantages, also the government’s support, Henan Cciola grow up quickly.
We want to achieve more and more and do our best for our customers and the Henan Province.
Our aim: to be the best apparel global supplier in Henan Province of China.

About the sampling room of Henan I./E. Trading CO., Ltd, i want to say something to you.
From the very beginning, Henan Cciola built this sampling room department.
On one hand, it’s very easy to make the samples based on customers’ sketches.
On the other hand, it’s very important to learn the technical things for the salesman.

Not only the paper-pattern maker, but also the samples maker from Henan Cciola company are all with more than 20 years experience in garment.

Henan Cciola’s sampling room can make quick sample in good workmanship.
I think there is no factory now in henan province can have this kind of service for customers.
Also Henan Cciola can provide the proto-samples for customers free of charge.

We believe that Henan Cciola made great decision to have the sampling room.
Henan Cciola sampling room can do their best for customers’ requirements.
We have confidence that our cciola team can grow up with our customers together!