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sales department of Henan Cciola I./E. Trading CO., Ltd.


 For a trading company, Sales department is very important.
For Henan Cciola company, Sales department can be the brain to the whole body.

Henan Cciola company focus on the export apparel business.
Our aim: to be the best apparel global supplier in Henan Province of China.
Henan Cciola company pays a lot attention on the sales department.
We think this is basic requirement for doing the export apparel business very well.

The salesman in Henan Cciola Company, firstly needs to keep in touch with our old customers and do their best to offer the best service for them.
Secondly, Henan Cciola salesman needs to be responsibility for their customers, which means they need to protect the products in high quality and correct delivery date.
Based on this, salesman from Henan Cciola company also needs to pay a lot attention on the factory.(Apparel business is not a simple thing, which includes not only the fabric and accessories, but also the workers.)

Henan Cciola’s salesman can always have great relationship with our customers and can meet most of customers’ requirements.
So most of customers can be our great friends from the beginning strangers, by the hard-working of the salesman and the trust they offered.

Henan Cciola is lucky to have these great salesman.
At the same time, all these salesman are lucky, because they can grow up together with the Cciola company.
We all believe that as long as we do our best for customers, we will get more and more customers, and we will grow up with customers together!