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Presents from Henan Cciola Company


Chinese New Year is on the way......
Every body is so happy for the coming holiday.

It’s the end of the 2015, all the members from Henan Cciola Company are working so hard in this year. We love our company, our team, our big boss Jennifer.
Henan Cciola Company also prepared many presents for the hard-working Cciola Team.

Henan Cciola I./E. Trading Co.,Ltd focus on outdoor garment business and has more than 15 years experience on the apparel business. With the year’s development, Cciola team grows up quickly.
At the very beginning, we only have 3 people here, but now we have around 30 members.
So proud of you, our Cciola Team.

Henan Cciola company is a big warm family.
Everybody are friendly to each other.
We love each other, and we also love our dear customers.
I think that’s the reason we can live and live a happy life.

For the coming new year 2016, Cciola company would like to offer more for Cciola members.
For us, we also like to working hard together to achieve our great goals.

As a member of Henan Cciola Team, we believe we can.
To be a better us!