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On 15th August(Chinese Calender), it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival for Chinese.
All the Chinese People can stay with family and eat Moon-cake together to enjoy the happy time.

The following two days, all the people in Henan Cciola I./E. Trading Co.,Ltd will have the holiday. We can stay with family and enjoy our time. Henan Cciola Company always takes care of her employees. For this big holiday, the boss Jennifer also bought many gifts for us.
Love you Henan Cciola, Love you my boss.

For the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are many stories behind that. Among them, there is a love story. The beautiful girl and handsome boy felt in love with each other and got married.
One day, the husband got a medicine, by which people can fly and live in the heaven. But there was bad guy who wanted to get this. So the bad guy broken into the door when the husband was not home. The wife wanted to protect the medicine, and finally she swallowed it.
Then she flied into the sky and lived in the heaven, but she left her husband forever.
That day was the 15th August. So every year, on this day, the husband would make the moon-cake, which was his wife’s favorite food.
To honor this great love, all Chinese people will eat moon-cake and stay with family.

Love, peaceful life, and staying with family are the beautiful things all Cciola people want.
We believe that we can achieve them by working together with Henan Cciola Team.
Working hard, live happily.
Best wishes to you all from Henan Cciola Company.
Cciola team!!