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Henan Cciola Team Show Time!


On 23th January, Henan cciola I./E. Trading CO.,Ltd attended to Henan International Trade Netrepreneurs Association.
It’s a show time for the Henan Cciola Company, also for Nice girls of the Cciola Team.

Henan Cciola I./E. Trading Co.,Ltd focus on outdoor garment business and has more than 15 years experience on the apparel business.
With the year’s development, Cciola team grows up quickly and we joined in Henan International Trade Netreperneurs Association on 2014, which was founded in 2013.

This time, at the end of the 2015, Cciola Team prepared the Clothing Show in Han Dynasty.
It’s a show time for Cciola Company, also we want to show our great old culture in Han Dynasty.
There are many different clothing for the normal girls, dancers, ministers, King and Queen.

Every girl wore the nice clothing, and we also invited professional person to do the make up for us.
It’s not only the show time, but also the learning time, and happy time for these young nice girls.

As a member of Cciola Team, i am proud of our company.
We can learn not only how to work, but also how to be happy here.

Henan Cciola Team has the aim to the best apparel supplier in henan province.
We belive we can.