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Henan Cciola I./E. Trading CO.,Ltd -- Summary for the first half year of 2015


 How time flies!
The first half year of 2015 already gone and it’s time to make a summary.

Henan Cciola Company normally makes the summary two times one year.
In our mind, only by these kind of summary, henan cciola company can achieve our final aim: to be the best apparel supplier in henan province China.

On last week, henan cciola company had a meeting to summarize the first half year of 2015.
It's Not only about the achievements, but also the problems.
Henan Cciola Company believes that as long as we always summarize and improve the bad things. Thinking and doing things based on customers' side, Henan Cciola company can have chance to be better and better.

It’s never late to learn something. Henan Cciola Company would like to learn things by summarize our achievements and problems.