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Henan Cciola I./E. Trading Co.,LTD.


 Cciola Team has been started the garment business from 2000.
Originated from Henan Dongfang I./E. Corporation.
This company is a big one and it is a state-owned enterprise.
Under many rules from this big company, we grow up very slowly.

On 2012, Cciola people newly registered the Cciola company.
Which is more easier for us to grow up quickly and stably.
Now we are concentrated on the exporting of the garment.
Our customers mainly are from European and American.

Cciola company logo is a flying bird“Phoenix”, which is a symbolize for luck things.
CCIOLA, in Chinese words “驰蓝chi lan”,stands for flying in the sky and symbolizes the purpose of the freedom and democracy.

Garment business, it is kind of busy work.
Just like all of garment businessman, cciola people are working very hard.
Considering this, Cciola company pays a lot attention on the stuffs.
Every year, cciola team will go outside to enjoy ourself, e.g: going to the seaside, climbing the mountain.

Cciola company wants to offer the best service for all of our customers.
So we give the different departments to offer different services.
*Development department
*Sales department
*Purchasing and sourcing department
*Technical department
*Sampling room
*Quality supervision department
*Transportation and documentation department
*Accounting department