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Spring/summer 2016 fabric China trend—henan cciola company


 This is an era of merge and transform, the two undercurrents interweave in a youthful and impassioned way and together reproduce a new disposition for this age.


Soft orange together with shining silver and charcoal gray create an elegant and qualified technology style. Highly saturated colors are same as passion.

Creativity and adventure to excite our nerve.

The pink harmonizes the whole palette with a sense of sweetness and humor, which cater to a more relaxing demand of the network era.


Laser cutting meshes, comfortable and durable coating knitting, ultra-light and water-proof coating fabrics, fluid latex coating, fabric with plastic sheen, 3D effect created by embossed fabrics and jacquards, neon luster by the multi-dimensional reflects, decorated sporty meshes, metallic coating fabric and crisp high-technical fabrics.



Rich shades of blues take inspiration from the mystical sea, also the corals and tropical fish release very brilliant colors of. Blooming tropical flowers, dense jungles, all the vivid shades from animal and plant show us diversity and richness of the nature.

Grainy summer tweeds, lively handmade appearance, partial gradient dyeing, printed chiffons, different fabric materials combine to create a refreshing look. Natural-imitated crack texture, rustic touch, loosen linen plaids, distressed, faded or blurred surface effect.


A series of natural colors such as raw white, dark grey, beiges, sands, indigo and tan set a simple and rustic basement, and bring us back to the original life, a touch of soft pastels enhance the whole palette.

Natural linens and cottons with rustic surface and subtle texture, transparent cotton/linen knits, elegant solid wools and silk textiles, fluid, filmy sheers and extinction organza layers, glitter and matt metallic textures, simple handed woven effects.


Light chiffons, sheen silks, dense satins, large-scaled fancy yarn jacquards, luxury brocades and laces, embossing vintage jacquards, colored leather, easy-care worsted wools, fine plains and basket woven knits, exquisite dobby linen/cotton blends, smooth and crisp silk-like polyester fabrics, fluid silk or tencel/cotton shirting fabric