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Chinese National Holiday


 From 1th to 7th Oct 2015, Henan Cciola I./E. Trading CO., Ltd had a 7 days holiday to celebrate the Chinese National Day. Henan Cciola I./E. Trading Co.,Ltd concentrates on garment business. To be the best jacket supplier in Henan Province is our great aim.

The National Holiday is very special for all Chinese People. It’s the great mark for the nationhood of our country. On 1th Oct, 1949, the new China had been set up. From that time, 1th Oct has been our great national day, and from 1th to 7th Oct, it has been our great national holiday. From 1950, this national holiday became our grand holiday for all ethnic groups. Since 1999, this holiday becomes the “Golden week” of Chinese mainland.

National Day in each year, has different forms of celebration activities, strengthen people's patriotic consciousness, and it is also the children and adults' happy holidays.During the golden week, every member of Henan Cciola Team has a happy vacation with their family.

Along with ups and downs, the National holiday already has been started for 66 years. China becomes more and more stronger than before. We all believe that Henan Cciola I.E. Trading CO., Ltd will also be better and stronger!