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What will Henan Cciola company do after shipment?


 For foreign traders, after shipment, actually it is the beginning of a new challenge.

What will Henan Cciola company do after shipment? Please find below.


1.After shipment, when getting a copy of the bill of lading, Henan cciola company will check the  ETA (Estimated Arrival Time) with the forwarder. The more we know about the details of the shipment, the better we can offer the service for customers.


2.Check the goods condition on the Internet regularly

After loading, Henan Cciola company will check the goods condition to see if there is any updated news. In case of any accident, we can timely take measures to solve the problems.


3. On the ETA day, Henan Cciola company will confirm with forwarder whether the goods arrive, because sometimes ETA will change. If there are any changes, Henan cciola company will tell our customers as soon as possible.


4. After delivery, Henan Cciola company will check the shelf-time and inform customers to avoid extra charges.


5. After picking up the goods, Henan Cciola company periodically check with the customers’ sales about the market feedback, inventory and so on. For the hot products, we will suggest to have the repeat orders from customers.


In a short, Henan Cciola company will do the best to offer service customers. We all believe that the more things we do for customers, the less things customers need to do.

Then our dear customers can enjoy themself.