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Advantages of Henan Province3


Area and population
Henan province has the area 167,000 square kilometers,the population of henan provicne is around 100 million.
In it, there are 6districts and 5 cities and 1 county.
Maybe it is not so good to have so many people here, but I have to say that it is a great gift to develop the intensive industry, especially the apparel manufacturing.
With the development of the manufacturing in henan province, more and more workers would like to back home to have a stable job, at the same time to care about their children.
Now Zhengzhou of henan province becomes the political, economic, educational, scientific and cultural center!
Zhengzhou area is about 7446.2square km and the population is around 8 million.
The population of Henan has already over 100 million.